Swappons4 Quilt: Done!

Hi everybody, I finally did it! Ciao a tutti, finalmente ce l'ho fatta a finirlo!  And here it is, hanged to my wall in the hall. It was such a satisfaction to finally hang it, and now I can look at it entirely everytime I want  and think about my friends Laura and Barbara who… Continue reading Swappons4 Quilt: Done!


Swappons4 Quilt

Hi everybody! At last all the stitched Aida squares are done! Ciao a tutti! Finalmente ho terminato di ricamare tutti i quadrati di Aida! This is the second one, I added some border because I thought it was a little empty... Questo è il secondo, ho aggiunto qualche bordino perché mi sembrava un po' vuoto...… Continue reading Swappons4 Quilt


StillWIP Swappons4

I have these.... Ho queste... Some cute little letters I got from XSP's Swappons4 last year... ...and I have this: Un po' di letterine carine che ho ricevuto l'anno scorso per lo Swappons4 di XSP... ... e ho anche questo: ...that is the top of the quilt that will carry those cute little letters... On… Continue reading StillWIP Swappons4